Polling Mechanism with Retry Scope having complex condition

Hello there fellows,

Just context: I am trying to simulate polling mechanism for a page until the status of submitted Job (which is the form of table) becomes completed. For this I am refreshing after fixed interval and scarping the sorted table (by date submitted) and checking the status of the very first row element with the status marked as completed. And setting flag as complete.

I am thinking to use retry, due to its simpler design. But I am not sure how do i provide complex condition with the retry scope activity. Viz., How do i let retry scope condition check the flag.


Any help please.

I mean which activity to drop for checking the flag value. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

This is weird solution, but I managed to use the Regex activity - Is Match to generate result and put this into condition activity.

But I think this behavior is not ok. Retry activity should allow checkpoint activities inside it. Is this so?

Here is a sample flow that works for my use case.

DummyTest.zip (2.3 KB)

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