Poll - 20.4 Unattended/Machines/Runtimes Monitoring


For unattended monitoring we have a debate on what to be the meaning of tiles. We have two options (in the above example we have M1 - 4 runtimes and M2 - 3 runtimes assigned to a folder.

  1. each square is a runtime . (blue running, green available , red unresponsive). On hover I see the Machine Name -> Runtime 1
  2. each square is a machine (we give different colors for machine utilization rate 0-25% color 1, 26-50% color 2…) On hover I see Machine Name - 2/4 runtimes

Pro V1:

  • I’m interested in runtimes and not in machines. When monitoring I want to see my available slots because those reflects how many jobs I can run in a folder. Note: We’ll have a piechart displaying the totals too.

Pro V2

  • I see directly the status of each machine. In V1 I do not know when a machine starts and where it ends.

Square/Tile =

  • Runtime
  • Machine

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(please explain why)

With the ability to create High Density machines, it would make more sense to monitor each runtime instead of a machine that could potentially contain a dozen runtimes.

With that said, if there is an option #3 where the user can select a toggle or another view to also see the view by Machine - that would be even better. Best of both worlds.


On the V2 under each machine if a drill down can be provided to display the runtime status, that will be a great solution. For e.g. in one of our Tenants/Folders we have 11 machines each with 15 runtimes totalling a 165 runtimes. Can’t imaging how that view is going to look like. In addition, we are planning on increasing the per machine runtimes to up to 50, which could eventually be a crowded view.


I’m more of a visual person, so seeing the utilization organized by robots/runtimes seems more helpful. But, I’m not sure what is the best. I feel like it’s more helpful to see our robots/runtimes rather than machines, cause available runtimes determine if you can run a job; if a machine is at 100%, that doesn’t keep you from running jobs if another machine has available runtimes.



I have voted for V1, as we have physical machines and virtual machines with runtime = 1. In such scenario, V1 and V2 is the same. However bearing in mind:

  • High-Density Robots require certain setting based on one article in forum, and not all applications/elements allow simulate click and simulate type, in such automation high-density robot is not applicable and physical/virtual machine could be used
  • UiPath Orchestrator enables to have both options at the same time (one tenant/folder could have high-density robots, another not) if I am not mistaken

Then, it would be fine to have toggle button to switch between Runtime preview and Machine preview at folder level, so one can choose the one that fits best.


That’s it!


I see no reason to disclose one option because of the other.
If you go with the machine utilization view (v2) then you could give user the runtime view (v1) if the machine icon is clicked. In this way the user can “drill” down to more detail if needed.

I guess the most important question here is that which view gives more useful information when monitoring overall process performance / utilization → speed is key; faster monitoring gives shorter response times.


Then can we have 3rd option as Both. :upside_down_face:

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V2 view with
option to drill-down individual machines
option to “Expand All” => V1 view
option to “Collapse All” => V2 view

Easy :slight_smile:

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V2: As tenant admin, it would be great view covering runtime status under each machine even in case of addition of more runtimes.

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