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What could be the possible reason for the plus menu to be missing when “delete column” from StudioX is used in Studio?

Hey @pawel2,

What version of Studio are you running?

I don’t know for certain, but I was never able to get the + button to work inside of studio until the new release of 2021.10. I’m not entirely sure it does work inside of Studio, unless you upgrade to the new release and use the modern excel. But, someone else may know better.

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As the StudioX and Studio have their own design

StudioX is more about the Citizen users who are not into programming and Studio are mainly for the developers

Even you open the StudioX workflow in Studio, but you can expect some difference in UI, so I suggest to open StudioX designed flow in StudioX to enjoy the correct functionalities

Hope this may help you



OK, but it seems impossible to use this activity at all without the plus menu


If you have opened in StudioX then it will be available for you

Not in Studio

Hope this helps you



So you are using an old version of Studio / StudioX which does not the + button in Studio.
In the newer versions ( I believe 21.8 and newer ) we did add this capability to Studio along with the newer Excel activities.

In your case ( unless you want to upgrade to a newer version ) what I would recommend is to get familiar with the Advanced Editor.

So for example your selection ( source range from your initial post ) would look something like this in the Advanced Editor
and the column name is an string so you could just type it :slight_smile:

Another option would be to frequently switch between Studio and StudioX and that is time consuming .


If you are able to update it, I’d highly recommend it. The new modern activities and the +, and the new changes are all worth doing so. And, from my experience, the update wasn’t difficult to do.

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