Pls add one property to enter encode for the activities writeCSVFile and write Text File



Hi Uipath team,

Greeting! :slight_smile:
pls confirm if you guys can add one enhancement for the activities writeCSVFile and writeTextFile
before writing files, we can setup encode like UTF8.
It is a important pole for the localization.



we have in plan to update file-related activities to support various encondings.
@badita can confirm



Great! :wink:
Hope we can see it soon!!! @badita


Hi guys,

I believe the encoding parameter is now in the community edition, but what do we need to enter in the field? We could find anything on the knowledge base.


adding @docteam… we’ll update.


Encoding is now supported in the latest UiPath Studio, v2016.2.6274.33252

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