Please urgent help AsEnumerable in assign activity to take all column values

hi All,
please help urgent.
i have 4 columns(A,B,C,D) with 1000 rows in dt1.
i need only column “B” values from dt1 and paste the same into column “C” in dt2
please help me with the query.


In assign

dt2 = dt1.defaultview.totable(false,“B”)

for only taking b column, do you have columns already presnt in dt2

please i already have column present in dt2 which is column “C”
so i need to paste it into column “C” only in dt2
please help

dt2 = dt1.defaultview.totable(false,“B”)
this is working for taking the data from dt1 for “B” Column
now i need to paste it into “C” column in dt2

please help

dtColname - System.Data.Datacolumn - datatype


in add datacolumn property give column as new DataColumn(“C”,dtColname.DataType)

i am trying the above mention method, but just wanted to ask is there any LINQ query which i can use in assign activity ? please advise