Please tell me the way to publish the Uipath Robot to Orchestrator

I’m using Named License to use Uipath Studio and I don’t know how to publish robots by using this license.

In Orchestrator, I activated the license including 1 AR and 1 UR license.
When I chose the type of robot in Robot Setting window in orchestrator, I wanted to choose studio type but I don’t have any development license activated in my orchestrator.

Then, how can I make new robot to connect Studio and Orchestrator?

Hi @Kyohei_Urano ,
Please chose the unattended type in robot and it should work fine.

I used unattended type and it did work well, but on the other hand, there are some restriction to develop in Studio using this license.

I chose Studio type and checked to the “Stand Alone”, then I could successfully published my robot to the Ochestrator.
I didn’t know my studio license was not for Orchestrator.

Thank you for your answer.

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