Please tell me how to operate ABBYY

Please tell me how to operate ABBYY.
ABBYY 's license is a premise to have.
When you check the implementation method found at the following URL, there were multiple activities dedicated to ABBYY.

However, even if you update the version of UiPath, even if you install and upload all the latest activity,
There are only two activities related to ABBYY, “Abbyy Cloud OCR” and “Abbyy OCR”.
Where can I get the activity like the image below that appears in the movie?


Those activities are provided by LarcAI (, so they can provide more information on them.

Other than that, UiPath provides the ABBYY OCR activity and the IntelligentOCR activity pack. Both require ABBYY licenses issued by UiPath, which can be obtained by contacting the support center: Contact Licensing Queries & Activations

Another option is to use ABBYY’s Connector available on UiPath Go!:
This component requires ABBYY Flexicapture 12 Distributed version, which can be obtained directly from ABBYY.

Thank you!
I learned a lot.
I’ll try it.