Please, I want to know how to connect Robot(on Studio-PC) to Free-type-robot of Orchestrator

We have a Orchestrator-license (including Unattende x 1) and a Studio-license.

1.UnInttended robot.(on Windows Server OS)

  • Server name is AAA.
  • It was connected to Orchestrator successfully.(both Free-type-robot and UnInttended-robot have no problem)

2.Robot on Studio-PC

  • Windows domain name is DDD.dom, machine name is BBB.
  • Studio-PC OS is Windows 7.
  • Connecting to Orchestrator wass failed.
  • Error message is “The remote certificate is invalid due to validation procedure”.
  • SSL is [Self-signed certificate] and was installed on all machine.

(2-1). Robot side(on Studio-PC. It was used for publishing to Orchestrator server.)

  • machine name : BBB
  • robot key : XXX
  • orchestrator URL : YYY

(2-2). Robot information on Orchestrator URL.

  • key : XXX
  • machine name : BBB
  • Domain\Username : DDD.dom\userID
  • Type : Free

Why doesn’t robot(on studio-PC) connect to Orchestrator?

Hello there,

Does this post help !

I don’t know the cause yet, please…

Thank you for your answer.

But, I had exported the certificate from the server and installed the certificate on the machine I was trying to access Orchestrator on.