Please help with this error

Hello i am having a error occuring when i run the robot, the weird thing its that the error occured after i changed the path. So in other terms i have not changed any variables or anything just a simple string

@langsem Can you revert back to the Previous String that you used and check if it Still works fine for that String ?

what u mean ?

Yes it works for that previous string, but i need the other one. The only thing i did in that string was to change path on local. So its basically pure string

new DirectoryInfo(“\fs01\profiler\alan.langsem\Documents\RPA_SOURCE\IRIS\REP\PDF").GetDirectories(”*",SearchOption.AllDirectories).OrderByDescending(function(d) d.CreationTime).First()

Thats the entire line so the path there its the only thing changed in the assign activity

@langsem Can you Paste the Working String as well?

Made it work. dont know how or anything but it just worked haha

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