Please help with the web data scraping for images

Hi. As you can see the image above is a data table from a website. I want to extract the entire table but Data Scraping Wizard cannot read the last column since it is an image. What else can I do for extracting the last column into a text or something like true or false?

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You can do data scraping for the first 8 columns in a datatable and last column in a different datatable. After that you can add the second datatable into the first one.

I hope this will help, let us know what you are getting for the last column in your datatable while you are scraping it.

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Hi @sarathi125 I get nothing from the last column. It’s an empty value. Looks like it can only read texts.


I suppose you can get the src URL image via Data Scarping with some tuning.
Can you try the following steps?

  1. Start Data Scraping wizard

  2. Select a cell of image as first element. Then do Not choose Whole table.(Click “No”)

  3. Select a cell of image as second element.

  4. You can see Configure Columns Dialog, and click “next”.

  5. Preview data will be shown (and there will be no data). Click “Edit Data Definition”

  6. You can get like the following selector
    <column exact="1" name="Column1" attr="text">
    <webctrl tag="tbody" idx="1"/>
    <webctrl tag="tr"/>
    <webctrl tag="td" idx="2"/>
    <webctrl tag="img" idx="1"/>

  7. Set the value of attr “text” to “src”
    <column exact="1" name="Column1" attr="src">

  8. If there is no “tag=‘img’”, add the following.
    <webctrl tag="img" />

  9. Probably you can get the src url of image and you can identify which it is.



@Yoichi Thank you very much! That works fine and solves my 2 days of trial.

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