Please help with correct hotkey

I have an UI ELement and I want to open browser and scrool or shift my page to this element.
What is the best hotkey for this?
As I understand in Targer section of my Activities.SendHotkey I declare my UIElement and what is the correct hotkey?
Thank you

Hello @yaniketz

If I understand you correctly, you want to change the active window to another specific screen.
Instead of using Send Hotkey you could go for Attach Window activity. This activity would set this Ui Element as the active Window.


could you please be more precise . if my understanding is correct you want to scroll down and navigate to some other page?


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Thank you for your reply)

for example i have collection of UI elements and go throught them using for/each.
when i reach the element, for example, I use hover to see that everything working fine,
but if element is invisible program crash.
I decided to use
if item.isVisible=false → send Hotkey “down”
but i fell that there is more elegant solution

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If you want to scroll trough the page, you could use the “pgdn” instead of “down”.

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