Please help to download files from a table on Chrome

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I need to build an automation which clicks “Add” for each of the rows in the tablem then selects Download (at the bottom) before clicking the Next button and repeating. I have attached an illustrative screenshot. How do I do this please?

Thank you!

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Hey @matt.edmonds

Is the number of buttons constant ?


Hi @Nithinkrishna - the buttons are in the same layout on each of the next pages, if that’s what you mean?


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Check this thread on similar discussion

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @matt.edmonds

I can’t really understand what they’re doing in that post. Trying to do this in StudioX not Studio (don’t think there’s a need to set variables etc, and I don’t have some of those activities available to me).

Hey @matt.edmonds

Nope, as I can see in the screenshot you are having 5 buttons.

I want to know the number 5 is static or it changes ?

#nK (266.6 KB)
Hello @matt.edmonds ,

Please go through the attached workflow. It will help to solve the issue.
Here first line you need to set the number of button. Suppose total button is 5, set Counter=5.
Then in Click activity, inside the selector for your button there should be some kind of attribute like idx or name which is having a counter value. Please update that with variable “Counter”.