Please help to delete first row till row having column header in datatable

Please help dhow can I delete first row till row having column header in datatable.

In this case till row 14. find screenshot of my datatable


Can you provide sample XLS so that I can give a try.

Please find sheet.
sheet2.xlsx (8.3 KB)

Hi @Mrityunjaycrs,

  1. Read the whole datatable
  2. Use for each row and use an if condition and check in if condition if row(0).tostring.contains(Part Number)
  3. In for each you have a property called intindex so when the if condition will be true you will get the index of part number and you can use read range and provide this index in range property.

Or if you know that the number of rows to delete is always 14, you can use a While activity:

  • create variable count, initialised to 1
  • using condition count < 15
  • use Remove Data Row and set RowIndex to 0
  • increment count by 1

This will remove all top 14 rows from the datatable.

Hope that helps.

did you get the solution?

i wasnot sure about the number of rows to get deleted .is there any approach?