Please help me to import specific values to a pdf file

266558_SIGMA.pdf (239.1 KB) (15.0 KB)

I am trying to get a certain value from a pdf file and put it in excel, but I am getting an error.

@hanchanhee Are you able to extract the Values from the PDF file properly ?

Yes. In the output, the values are correct. I want to print the value of the last revision date. (Last Date-2019.09.25)

@hanchanhee Check this Workflow , I modified it a bit (14.7 KB)

How can I express 100 as regex builder in the text content in a pdf file?

@hanchanhee What do you mean by 100 ? :sweat_smile:


The number displayed on the lightline.

@hanchanhee Do you have any thing else to be Extracted as well or only these two values?

I only want to extract the number * (= 100) that is in the lower part that says 함유량(= content).

@hanchanhee I guess you cannot really use regex for that :sweat_smile: You can try Pdf To Excel Activity , Extract the Table and Get the Value from that Column


If \ a. \ D {15} this way a. I’m trying to extract up to 15 digits, but there is an error in the builder.

@hanchanhee What are you trying to Extract ?


I want to extract the highlights.

@hanchanhee Will “a. 적절한 소화제” always be present?


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