Please help me remove tab just before ZWCD whenever it comes?


we can use regex for detecting the tab:

the pattern can be used within the replace activity or within an assign activity:
YourStringVar = System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegeEx.Replace(YourStringVar, “\t(?=ZWCD)”,"")

Can you please help me adding a new line before ZWCD everytime?

give a try on

YourStringVar = System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegeEx.Replace(YourStringVar, “\t(?=ZWCD)”,Environment.NewLine)

It’s not working! :confused:

better to tell us what it is doing / not doing, so we can react more directly.
Maybe you can a screenshot from your implementation. Thanks

mail.txt (560 Bytes)
I am reading this file(mail.txt) and want to remove a tab before ZWCD and want to put a new line everytime just before ZWCD comes.

as only ZWCD has the tab before also give a try on simple handling like
yourStringVar.Replace(vbTab, “”) or
yourStringVar.Replace(vbTab, Environment.NewLine)


Keep in mind that ZWCD is already in a new line. Replacing tab with newline creates a second Linebreak