Please help me - Object reference not set to an instance

What variable type is iterating here?

@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd Are you trying to parse an xml document ?
The Element may not be present in the xml data, hence it might be giving an error.

You would need to tell more about what you want to do, so that we might be able to point you in the right direction.

sir i want to fetch the Element from my txt file.

@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd Can you Provide that data? And tell what value you want to fetch from that ?

GRN.txt (3.0 KB)


@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd Check this Workflow :
Deserialize XML (2.2 KB)

thank you so much sir really thanks :blush: :blush:

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sir if i want to create datatable of duplicate elements then how can i ?please

@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd I guess you can Build a Datatable having the Element Name as the Column Names, and then use Add data row Activity inside the For Each with ArrayRow Property set with those Values in the Messsage Box I have Provided

sorry sir didn’t understand

@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd I have modified the workflow, after execution the workflow will write the Datatable to an Excel File. Check if that is what you needed. If that’s not the Expected output, You can show what rows should be removed from the Excel and based on what condition.
Deserialize XML (2.7 KB)

@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd That is the Deserialize XML Activity, It worked when I gave you the first workflow right ? You would need to have the package UiPath.Web.Activities installed and also update it to the latest version if you have already installed it.

GRN.txt (3.0 KB) sir i want to creat data table of dublicate GRNNUMBER and show in a message box through can i do sir please sir help me thank u.

@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd Can you send a Screenshot of the duplicate data that you want to show in the Message Box for the XML data present ?

this duplicate data i want to show in message box sir i manually did it GRNNUMBER will be duplicate and according to that other Element will be Fetch through Automation

@Sayyed_murtuz_Mohd Check this workflow :
Deserialize XML (3.1 KB)

Thank you so much sir shukriya sir. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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