PLEASE HELP me; I have to get the data from more than one excel in the file. URGENT

deneme2.xaml (17.5 KB)

EXAMPLE EXCEL; (For example, in all excels, I must first get C2, D3, F5 on page1, then G12 on page2). then I want to print all the data in the form of new Excel A1, B1, C1, D1 in order. Then I have to create a pivot table from this data.
Akary.xlsx (9.9 KB)
Alt.xlsx (12.6 KB)
AYAK.xlsx (9.8 KB)

getting data from more than one excel. what I want to do in the project is actually reading 3 columns (C2,D3,F5) from page 1 and reading a column on page 2 (G12) and printing a new excel.

WRİTE Excel .xlsx (8.5 KB)

reading activity is ok. but he writes on it as he writes. I want it to be one under the other. as in the picture excel

If you want to get Fiels from the file use this Directory.getfiels(“Folderpath”,"*xlsx")
The you need to extract data from the perticular file use read Cell activity
then stored in the variable the use write cell or add data row activity to fill data

first u read two pages then use read cell it was the good option

For printing the excel use Add data row activity

It was simple

Chethan P

I received and read the files in the project I added. But I couldn’t do the writing so please help

@Alberto28 - Here you go…


Workflow : (75.5 KB)

Hope this helps…

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so please use write range activity after sue add data row to write data to the excel

Chethan P

@Alberto28 - If you got your solution, Please mark my post as solution and that will close this thread.

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thank you so much. Then I have to create a pivot table from the result. I should learn that how can I make pivot table fields? I created a new pivot table, but its fields need to be changed.

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