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Hi, I did a project on “Facial attendance” which stores the names of students who attended the class in one excel file (names of total students with their mail IDs in another excel file is presaved)
Now I want to compare both excel files and send dynamic mails to their respective mail (if the student is present on that day it should send “your child_name attended the class today” and vice-versa for the absentees )

I’m new to UIpath please help me

Thanks in advance

Welcome to forum it was really simple
First read the two excel file save it in DT1 and DT2
Step 2: (If you know LINQ use that other wise use for each) Your Fresher so use loop in upcoming days use LINQ
Now use for each
Use two for each loop DT1 inside that for-each loop use DT2
put condition copare both table
First condition if row(ColumnN) is null or empty
read that row(name or id or roleNo) then use lookup activity look that data table (use out of the loop) the send mail if you need send mail body dynamically use replace
If you need project wait for some time i will send the sample xml File

I hope its helps for you

Chethan P

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Ok buddy
Hear is the solution
image (15.2 KB)

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if have any drought in this above topic ping me I will help you

Note: Student ID should be unique and in both Excel file ID of the Student Should be same example Student Chethan ID is 1 In DT1 and in The DT2 Also Same ID for Chethan

I Use Message Box you replace and use mail activity

Chethan P


thank you very much for your kind and detailed reply
yeah please share the sample XML file, Thank you once again.

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Thank you very much brother :slight_smile:
Hope you have an amazing day

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yeah i didnt saw that at first, the notification mail redirected me to the first reply and I didn’t saw the other reply
anyways Thank you once again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Its k Buddy if have any problem feel free and ask me
And i Use Linq it was fast to filter the datatable you can use If Condition like in if

or before loop only use Filter data table Activity

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Chethan P

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Hi @copy_writes, may I ask you a question? As I was assigned to do the following excel task.

I have 3 excel sheets in the same workbook. With the same item but different numbers.

All the 3 sheets have the heading cell in A1 “Item”, B1 “Number”. In 2 column.

Sheet 1- (A1:A6) “Name” “Coke”, “bread”, “Sausage”, “Biscuit”, “Apple”
(B1:B6) “Number” “2”, “8”, “8”, “3”, “6”.

Sheet 2- (A1:A6) same item as Sheet 1 (B1:B6) “Number”, “6”, “0”, “5”, “5”, “5”.

Sheet 3- (A1:A6)
same item as sheet 1
(B1:B6) “Number”,
“0”, “3”, “4”, “7”, “7”.

I have to calculate the total of each item in the 3 execl sheet and auto fill into google form (without making any changes to the excel file.)

Q1.How many bottle of coke?

Q2. How many slices of bread?

Q3. How many sausages?

Q4. How many pieces of biscuits?

Q5. How many apples?

Thank you!

Hello, Buddy, I like your Question
You can use the LookData table or you can use data row then you can use so many ways to use this
Hear your data of row Name is same for every excel *** the same item as Sheet 1***
So I choose this way Use LookUpActivity or You can Use LINQ Also but This is the simple way
Hear you have read three sheets but I use only two Sheet and write in sheet number 3



now I stored in 3 different variable Dt1 And Dt2 Dt3

Step2: Then loop a data table I took Dt1
Step3: Then inside that, we have to use the LookUp data table activity
Step4: Hear what we have to LookUp Dt2 value and name use that and target the value Number save it in a variable that should be double or generic
Step4: Save it a variable or directly you can apply to add the 3 variable
And store Using assign row1(1)=total
Then OutSide of For Each use write range



for this Question, you will get the answer

A lot of ways are there to solve these issues and this also one of the way excuse if anything is wrong

I use a normal Excel sheet you have to use google sheet use gsuit
And give sheet id

Use the same procedure just replace where am using excel activity


I hope You get the solution if you need an XML file to replay this post

Chethan P

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