[Please help!] Job Failed when I use Orchestrator to start it, while successed when I remote to the unattended robot

Here is a Click Image activity in my workflow, and this flow works well in last month. However, from last week, this Job would be failed when i start it via Orchestrator, and everything would be back to ok if I remote to the machine of the unattended robot after I triggered the job from Orchestrator.

Could anyone help me out of this weird issue?

Can you check the resolution of the remote machine and other settings like depth etc in the Orchestrator.

Karthik Byggari

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Thank you for your reply. However, due to the company policy, I cannot get the color depth on the robot machine.

And in the remote setting, the resolution is 1920X1080, depth is 32 bit… So I need the update the RunTime page for the robot to the numbers above?

Update the resolution and depth for the robot and see if that works.

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Thank you~ It works well after I followed your suggestion & updated image in xaml.

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