Please help: extract the text between 2 tag in a HTML code file


I want to extract the text between 2 tag in a HTML code file, see example below:

e.g.: Merchant [System fee recon]
What I want to extract is: Merchant [System fee recon]

I tried to use regex pattern: (?<=())(.*)(?=(, ))
But it did not work for me.

Plus, this is HTML code stored in a text file, not a page.
Can I use find children element as well ?

Please SAVE me.
Thank you for your help and answer in advance!

To add on:
This is HTML codes stored in a txt file because I convert the email body as HTML and write to txt file.

I am open to any other approaches and advice.

Thank you!

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unfortunately we dont see the full sample. Just use the </> format button from editor when posting code snippets

maybe following will help


Thank you for your quick answer!
Your patterns works PERFECTLY, thanks ALOT!

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