Please help, cannot sign in to UiPath

I accidently sign out UiPath, and when I try to sign in again, a new page did not open in my web browser, and there is an error message: Error connecting to The request was canceled due to the configurated HttpClient.Timeout of 30 seconds elapsing…

Can anyone please kindly help? THANKS!!

Hi @jessie_p_wu

Can you try to clear the caches of the browser


Hi Gokul,

Thanks for your suggestion. However I tried to clear the caches of the browser, still I cannot sign in to UiPath :frowning:

Best regards,


I have tried to sign-in but nothing happens

Hello @jessie_p_wu

Do you man you signedout from uipath assistant??

If yes, can you make sure the details provided are correct… And can you share the screenshot of the error.message that you are getti g from the application.