Please Help... Cannot Copy uipath.settings file when creating Citrix Image

We have successfully installed UiPath Studio and Robot 18.2.4 on a machine that we are now trying to use to create a Citrix Image for distribution to Citrix clients, but we are having a big problem.

It seems that the UiPath Robot windows service is somehow locking down the uipath.settings configuration file (which contains robot connection string info, among other things). Whatever this service is doing, it is causing Citrix to NOT be able to see the contents of the uipath.settings file when creating the image, and so the settings file is being placed on the image with NULL data, which of course is a huge problem.

Could someone from UiPath PLEASE help us fix this?

The only solution we have found is to turn off autostart for the service, which means users now have to manually restart the service each time they restart their machines… which is NOT how we intended this to work.

Thanks for your time!

So, quick update… not a Citrix guy, so not sure what is going on here, but just tried this image process for a Win10 machine, and didn’t have a problem. Problem only seems to be happening on a Win7 imaged machine… so since we’re rolling off Win7 and onto Win10 in the next couple weeks, hopefully this will not be an issue.

you can schedule a task in task scheduler to start the service after each restart.


Perfect… this should do the trick! Thanks!!