Please help Advance training


I already contacted uipath support but no help so far…
I can’t login the ACME website… It says there was a reset password email sent to my email account but nothing happens… yes, the email I’m using is the same…

Any help?
Thank you

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I had to register for a new account even though i have my academy account. still no email :frowning:

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Just an update - email arrived, was blocked by works spam filter (sorry UiPath!)

So check those spam filters guys, or speak with your IT dept.

Hi @iwishikn

This shall help you:

That’s UiPath’s Help Desk Email ID. When I was facing the same issue, I contacted them, and they changed the password for me. So you do that, and I’m sure they’ll reach out to you soon.


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Thank you all. Uipath Help Desk just helped me :slight_smile: