Please can anyone help on this?

Yes… and this is working for me. But with this I can’t get the values from excel.

Make a variable in your selector and check once

can you share me the screenshot ? so that I can suggest you or try @Sudharsan_Ka method may be it may work…!

Hi @Lokesh_Raj_R_M @Vasavi_Ungrapalli


@Vasavi_Ungrapalli check this…!

Can you please explain this in detail as I am not understanding what I need to do?.

Hi @Vasavi_Ungrapalli
You need to click on the drop down dynamically right?

Yes. Like I want robot to read the value from the excel and select the same from the dropdown.

  1. Create a variable like this
  2. open UI Explorer in Click Activity and indicate on screen and check for “text” or “innertext” in the attributes

  1. Right click on the value and choose variable as you have created in the starting if not choose create variable and create a new one

4.As you remember this is the variable i have created so choosing this

  1. After Selecting it will become like his and works dynamically



Hi, when I try to create a variable it is throwing a compiler error. “row is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level”. How to resolve this error. Thanks.

You are assigning inside or outside the for each?

Hello vasavi…
Try using “Find children” activity and get all the drop down values. In a for loop activity try to select the item in the drop down which is equal to value present in excel.

check this below link:

I have assigned inside the for each only. I am attaching the screenshot here.

You need to give CurrentRow here

You need to declare the Variable name inside the for each

If I give CurrentRow also it is throwing the same error.

You need to declare the Variable name inside the for each: Can you tell me how to do it? . I am new to UIpath. Still learning.

Ok. But can you explain me how to do it in detail?

You don’t need to declare new variable as currentrow
It is already been created you just can use it

Okay , Follow this steps

You have created a for each right? Inside that

  1. Give Assign activity create new string variable “Demo” = if you type current it will show you the available variables you can choose from that currentrow

  2. and try the steps I suggested before

Hi Sudharsan, thank you. It worked.

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That’s great

Happy Automation


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