orchestrator appears as a blank page because of an URIError

I tried to follow the Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Instructions, but in our company name was an “á” letter. The platform generated the default orchestrator as a service with name contained this “á” letter. When I click on the service, appears a blank page. Pushing F12 shows the following error:
“URIError: Pathname “/autoroute/IFUAHorvthPartn/IFUAHorv%E1thPartnersKftDefault” could not be decoded. This is likely caused by an invalid percent-encoding.
at s (main.38351138.js:1)
Could I delete this service, and create a new default with a name contains only english letters, or what to do?

Thank you for help.


Hi @mmatt,
If by service you mean Orchestrator tenant name then I think it’s possible. Just log into and go to services tab. Then:
image - > image

Hi Paweł ,

thanks for your reply. I have corrected the name and all work fine.

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