is redirecting to

Hi Team,

I am new to RPA and UIpath. I am currently going through the uipath academy courses.

As i see to manage the orchestraor, platform.uipath is being used. But when i access the link it is redirecting to Cloud.uipath.

Is this the expected behaviuor, as i dont see the option shown in the tutorial videos in the Cloud.uipath.

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hi @Vishwas_B_N
Don’t worry about it , now UiPath inline with single sign on.
and your orchestrator login part to,
its directing to orchestrator, Its not only to you , all are going like this .

Your tutorial and videos refer into(academy) :

so don’t worry about it :sunglasses: :+1:

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Thank you Maneesh.

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You are always welcome :partying_face: :+1: