Platformの自動サインアウトについて automaatically sign-out

Community Editionにて、Orchestratorを使用しています。


I resist Orchestrator for Community Edition ver.
I have 1 quetion about auto sign-out for platform(web).
When I do other thing and not touch platform for a while, then automatically my acount is sign out.

Is automaatically sign-out specification? Or can I change from Setting?
If I can not change, how long time do I do other thing and not touch,automatically sign-out?
About 1 hour or 1.5 hour or other?

Of course, I sign in again, then I can sign in.
But this is very bothersome.
So, if you have some approach about this, please tell me what to do.


Yes, I also observed this one. It will automatically sign out if you not used about 30 mins.

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To Iakshman,
Thank you for your help.
I see…
I’m surprised that too short 30minutes for me.
When I make netsurf for my investigation, I feel 30minute passes in no time.

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