Placing data for a whole data column without the use of a loop?

I have a column that I should add in an excel file.
The data that should be written for the new column is the same for all rows.
Is there a way to write the column data without using a loop - may it be looping for the datatable or the excel - write cell? Because the rows are over 100k, and looping for such a number takes quite a long time. And users can actually just drag the first row to the last, writing the data almost instantly. :frowning:


Please advise.


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Thanks for your answer, but I wouldn’t need any computation. :slight_smile: I just need a new column with one data for all the rows. Like the one in the image attached above. Please see NewColumn’s data for your reference.
:smiley: Thanks!

Sorry, I misunderstand something.
If you care about write speed, how about to create Static text file data file previously?
Then read prefix data as data table and write to Excel.

Otherwise, you can use Excel GUI and short cut key like ctrl + d to fill it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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No problem!
Got it! thanks for the advice!