Can anyone help me with this error

element.FindAll(FindScope.FIND_CHILDREN,new Selector(" < webctrl value=‘*’/>")).Any


I hope you need to find the element using the selector right?
Then pass the selector only to the selector field in the properties of the find element activity

Thank you, @HareeshMR

but I didn’t understand what you meant

I need to select the year in a combobox where this year’s entry is made by the user, stored in the variable year. I have problems with the selector and found this solution in the forum, but I can not understand the error presented

Whatever you are passing in the condition now, you can pass the selector alone to any of the activities @KMota.

For which activity you are passing that condition? I hope you are trying to check if the element exists right?


SelectItem_Value.xaml (8.9 KB)

Instead of the IF condition there in the workflow, use element exists or FInd element activities, which will give you true or false whether the element exists or not. based on that, you can do the remaining steps @KMota

If you are checking for the values in the drop down, simply use the select item activity in try catch block which will select the item if exists else skips the step

Right, @HareeshMR
thanks for the contribution. I will test how oriented. As for the error “Argument not specified for parameter placeholderResolver” can you tell me something?

There you need to pass the value which you want to select in the drop down, not the selector @KMota. The value you are passing must be of type string


rsrs right,
now I understand, I’m sorry lol