Pivot Table - drag and drop

Is there a way to drag and drop the fields into the specific areas?

Sorry i am new so I do not understand some of the other forums…

Hi @qaz1

You could try clicking on the menu options:

They are accessible with selectors

Hi thank you that would work.

Sorry to bother but I need to deselect the subtotal… how can I do that?
I tried using right click but when I want to select from the drop down menu it would disappear…

Activities are as follows : -

  1. Pivot Table - Works with or without Excel Application Scope.
  2. Filter Range / Data - Works with or without Excel Application Scope.
  3. Find & Replace - Advanced Technology. (See the video)
  4. Text to Columns - Fixed width & Delimiter.
  5. Copy paste data - To same workbook or to other workbook without any format loss.
  6. Remove Duplicates - Single / multiple columns.
  7. Update Status in an Excel sheet after processing some invoices or any (Completed, Success, Closed, etc)
  8. Clear contents - To delete / clear the data of a given column.(See the function lists in drop-down)
  9. Excel Save as - To save the excel in different format (.xls to .xlsb OR .xlsm to .xls)
  10. Cells Formatting - To set the columns in a required format (General, Text, Number or any custom format)
  11. Export PDF to Excel.
  12. Export Notepad to Excel.
  13. Extract specific lines from Notepad and paste into an Excel.
  14. Extract specific lines from PDF and paste into an Excel.

All activites under custom activities in : - UiPath Innovation RPA Hackathon 2021: Join the UiPath Innovation RPA Hackathon 2021 to showcase the work you are doing to make a difference in the world through automation that is solving real world issues. - Devpost
Kindly go through each of the activities…

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