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I want to create a pivot table using 3 columns (Set ID)(in Row labels) with (Credit and Debit)(Values) from a excel sheet( which contains the multiple columns.
Can someone please help me to do the same? It would be very helpful.

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Hi @HeartCatcher ,
Refer below URL
Tutorial: Creating a Pivot Table (uipath.com)

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please provide always sample data and output sample for us. This helps us to process faster a case. Thanks

I need to apply Pivot Table between the columns “Set ID” to get the values(Credit and Debit)Spice 30th.xlsx (97.0 KB)Spice Money Payments_SEP333’21.xlsx (210.0 KB)

I have Manually done(Pivot Table) But I need to be done through UIPath.
Please help me on the same

Any Update on this please?

your samples are giving some douts. Please share 1 Excel with only 2 worksheets input, output.

Also have a look here:

When Activity filter is tickend on for studioX Activities we also can use those activities

Pivot_Table.xlsx (102.6 KB)
Please find

It seems that you are looking for grouping the data and calculate some aggregations (e.g. SUM) to the group member.

How to do is described here:

Yes, Perfect.

Its done.
Thanks for your time.
Pivot.xaml (8.8 KB)

Please find the flowchart .

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