Pivot or Sumif In Datatable

Hi Team,
I have my Input as below,
and my output is like below:
This is like applying a pivot for the columns which can have duplicate material code but we need the output like for a group of specific plant, storage location, material code we need the sum of total quantity for that particular group.(Some thing like sumif in excel).
Please help team.

@Yoichi Please help mate.

@yash.choursia Use Create Pivot table activity


Hi @drbuddepu i want to do it in datatable.


Create a outputdt with 5 columns and string type for each

Try this

outputdt = (From d In dt.AsEnumerable Group d By k=d("PLANT").toString.Trim, k1=d("Storage Location").ToString.Trim, k2=d("Material Code").ToString.Trim,, k3=d("Unit").ToString.Trim Into grp = Group Let s1 = grp.Sum(function(x) CDBL(x("Quantity").ToString)).ToString Let ra = New Object(){k2,k1,k3,k,s1)} Select r = outputdt.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable

dt is the input datatable

Hope this helps


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Thanks @Anil_G . Means a lot. It worked.

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