Piviot Table - Dynamic


I have a situation, where in I have the Input excel file (Dynmaic) and the Piviot template excel file (Fixed)

Whenever the new file is added I need to merge both the Input and Piviot file into new excel and refresh the tables, so that the new report is generated.

I tried to first copy the Sheets to new file, but the data source of file is not coming correct in the new file

How can I establish using UiPath?


Hi @Kajal_Singhal

Please try below steps,

  1. Create an excel file (template file) with two sheets (1. Pivot table sheet and 2.input sheet with headers only).

2.build the pivot table with the headers in the input file, right click on pivot table and in options set refresh on open, so the pivot will refresh on opening the excel file.

  1. Read the data from the file and write in the input sheet in the template file without headers.


Hi @Kajal_Singhal is the issue got resolved?

If yes please mark it as solution and close the thread so it may be useful to others in the future.


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