Pipeline Trainrun Schedule-Reg

Hi,I think all are doing great
As i am using Enterprise edition of AI Center trail.when i am scheduling pipeline train run using Time based option,it is performing well. But when i use Recurring option i can’t schedule it,even if i am able to do scheduling pipeline train run will not be executed.
My question is that whether it is a bug or Enterprise trail version of AI Center does not support scheduling of pipeline train run using recurring option.
Can any one please answer this.

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Hello @a_valasang , Welcome to the UiPath Community . I hope you already set Auto retraining variable to True . Please go through below link for more info.

  1. AI Center: Scheduled Auto-retraining Pipeline
    The Auto-Fine-tuning Loop (Public Preview)

Hi Amrut,

Have you solved this case yet?
I just encountered the same problem when trying AI Center.
I’m wondering if it is a bug of AI Center or there is anything I can do from my own side.

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