Pipeline failed due to ML Package Issue | Using default EnglishTextClassification and CSV

I am trying to set up a basic text classification bot in Ai Centre to get familiar with the workflow. I don’t have any training data on hand so I created a small test case. In the Pipeline it says No data is found and throws this error:

Train only of ClassificationTest 2.0 launched - Run 84e5cb1a-06e8-43c9-9531-5d2d3b7eb70d
Train only of ClassificationTest 2.0 scheduled - Run 84e5cb1a-06e8-43c9-9531-5d2d3b7eb70d
Train only of ClassificationTest 2.0 started - Run 84e5cb1a-06e8-43c9-9531-5d2d3b7eb70d
Train only of ClassificationTest 2.0 failed - Run 84e5cb1a-06e8-43c9-9531-5d2d3b7eb70d

Error Details : Pipeline failed due to ML Package Issue

The training set has a single csv file. When I download the file in the Dataset I get the file I uploaded:

this is a test,test
and this is a test,test
this is also a test,test
this is not a test,notest
this certainly is not a test,notest
a test? No this can never be a test,notest

My ML Package is the standard EnglishTextClassification Package:

Arguments for ClassificationTest V 2.0

Input Type:JSON

Input description:

Text to be classified as String: ‘I loved this movie.’

Output description:

JSON with pedicted class name, associated confidence on that class prediction (between 0-1). For example: {“prediction”: “Positive”, “confidence”: 0.9422031841278076}

Recommend GPU: No

Enable Training: Yes
Status: Undeployed
Package Version: 2.0

Why is the error thrown?

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