PIP and Start Process Activity | PIP Works perfectly in Studio, but fails to Start Process in PIP


We have Resident Orchestrator that was recently upgraded to v20.10.x. Therefore I am not at liberty to upgrade to v21.x based on my choosing.

I have a RightNow CRM application that opens without issues when tested in Studio with PIP Enabled. There are no errors and the automation works without issues.

The RightNow CRM is opened using the Start Process activity, which is another straight forward part of Studio where there isn’t nothing much to do or tweak for making it work with PIP.

The Automation has been deployed to our Resident Orchestrator with the PIP-enabled flag turned on.

Here is the problem:

When launched in PIP from UiPath Assistant, the Start Process fails to open RightNow CRM application. This was working perfectly from Studio when tested! :neutral_face:

I don’t see anything in the Event logs (at least not from what I looked for).

The Orchestrator logs don’t show anything.

However, if I get into the PIP window and launch the RightNow CRM from the Start Menu it opens up and the Robot (that has been built to wait for the application to launch) latches on as soon as the login screen is launched and from there, the automation works as expected.

What could be causing PIP to not work from UiPath Assistant as reliably as it does from Studio? :confused:

Is v20.10.x a factor? :thinking:


cc: @gheorghestan

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It might be some execution rights missing when running the automation from other process then Studio? Just thinking out loud …

Hi @gheorghestan ,

It’s a bit confusing. I am able to start the program manually. UiPath Assistant has been installed at the computer level. Therefore it must have permissions.

It can open up Excel and Browsers without any issues. Why would it not open another application that is running under similar conditions?

Would it be possible to simulate this on your end?


Ok, I have a possible workaround. This short screen recording demonstrates the solution. It works in Studio and Assistant and also works in and out of PIP.

  1. Although this is acceptable, it questions the Start Process activity if more applications do not work in PIP mode when opened using Start Process
  2. Besides, starting an application with Win + r means adding 3 steps to the process as opposed to just one when using the Start Process activity


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