Picture in Picture (Experimental)

where can i found this option ?

Hi @Puneet_Upreti,

You need to do it manually, but you can follow this guide on how to create an environment variable.

Remember that the name of the environment variable needs to be UIPATH_SESSION_TIMEOUT.

Thank You… got it resolved…
I have most of people understand how to change or update Environment variable setting.

One more error after changing environment variable is :
Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.

Hello guys !
I’ve got an important problem I don’t know how to solve and it’s pretty urgent… I found the same problem in this topic but no real answers…

I created an automatisation for my client. He wanted a process that could be launched in PiP mode.
It’s working on my computer because my session’s password always stays the same so I don’t even have to write my login and password when the PiP session is opening.
But the problem is, that my client has a RSA password changing every 30 seconds.
When he launches the projet in PiP mode, it asks him to enter login and password and when he types its we have a message error “connection failure”.

Do you have any idea of what to do in this case ? Thank you very much guys !

The error tells you the problem. PiP is not enabled on the machine.