Picture in Picture closes VPN

Hi there,

I require to be connected via VPN in order to run UiPath processes.
However, when I run in picture-in-picture mode, it closes my VPN and hence disconnects me.
This causes the process to stop running.

I have seen someone else on the forum experience this same VPN issue Picture in Picture (Experimental) - #105 by AndyMenon

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you

Hi @Daniel_Fourie

The issue is known and is being investigated, but I can’t provide any specific promises as to when it would be fixed.

If you are an Enterprise customer, I would suggest you to contact our technical support to further help us debug this issue :slight_smile:

Hi @Daniel_Fourie ,

Does the PiP session starts a VPN client? If so, try to disable the VPN client from start-up. You can have the machine connected to VPN and The PiP session will also be connected to the same VPN.