Picking a ticked checkbox out of a list of ticked checkboxes

Hey Devs im having a challenge below:

I have a Membership Application form where were a member fills all his/her own details on that form.Then i have a desktop application were that information which is filled by a member is placed.
So im automating that businness use case.My challenge is as follows

The Membership Application Form have a list of checkboxes under the area written Package Section on the below document i have attached.So if a Member selects the following packages i.e Basicare,iCare,Prime,Private,Private Plus ,MedExec Plus those packages falls under the Insurer name Insurer on the desktop application.If a member selects other packages i.e HIT, TRIANGLE,RIOZIM these packages will have a respective Insurer on the desktop application.

What i have tried before:
I have tried using the “Get attribute” activity to get the state of a ticked checkbox and an If else staemnet

but it limits me as it only have two condtions which are true or false

Hello @Xolani_Mhlanga - This is a perfect use-case for the Switch Activity. Please take look https://docs.uipath.com/activities/other/latest/user-guide/switch and let me know if you have further questions how to use it.