PickBranch Text Exist.contains

Hi all, I am facing the challenge that after an exam, I get three different results. I have tried to solve this using PickBranch, but one result is a text.
How can I check via PickBranch whether a result can be text without knowing what is in the text, e.g. str_text<>""


Hello @NHoe

Do you want to get the result status? Then you can use Get Text with a proper anchor?

If the requirement is something different plz give more insights into your scenario.

Yes, I want to get a result status, three of them are elements and one of them is a text result, but its content is unknown.

@NHoe can you execute it in debug step into method and check how the flow is happening.
Check whether its moving to the correct branch based on the status.

if not you need to check whether the selectors are correct or not