Pick Excel Row on matching a Column

Hii everyone,
what to use to get a the entire row after a single column is matched

Eg consider 2 rows
1 2 3 4 5
6 74 8 9 2

so if 1 is matching with some variable then pick the row which has one and store in datarow and again it used should be use in future process

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so every time we need to check the first column value to check the variable? @supu123

Hi Supriya, use read range and get excel data into a datatable… Now use for each row and loop with condition if column1 value = variable, if yes then add it another table using add data row activity… You can build temporary another data table using build data table activity and add row values using add data row activity. later you can use filtered data table as per your requirement…

You can try the below method.

  1. Clone the data table to a new variable say newDataTable using Clone activity.
  2. Loop over the data rows of the master datatable using For Each Row activity
  3. Check if the first element matches your string variable (if row(0).toString.equals(strVar))
  4. Push it to a new datatable using AddDataRow activity.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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