Pick a particular date's based on excel date column based on month

I have a set of date in excel column with some other row (Ex: 09/22/2021, 04/27/2021,09/13/2021,05/15/2020,09/29/2020,04/19/2020, 06/16/2019,09/13/2019, 01/24/2019)

Today date is (09/26/2022), so I get september month dates of previous three year’s (2021,2020 and 2019)

I need an output like 09/22/2021, 09/13/2021, 09/29/2020, 09/13/2019) with entire row.

Hello @lokeshkumar.k

Please check the modify Date Activity. It can meet your requirement.


Split on , and For Each through the array. Check the month and if it matches what you’re looking for, add it to a second array. Join to get the second array back into a single string.