Pick 50 cells each time

I was working on creating a bot for compressing images but the site only accept 50 images at once and I have a data of like 6000 images to be compressed. Is there any possibility for me to put a validation where the bot can pick 50 cells each time and start again from where it dropped off.

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Could you please show us the data how it looks like?

You can use Data Scraping to extract the data… First scrape the first page data if page available… after extracting the first page data you can choose the next page option… This will scrape the entire data…


Hello, Thanks For replying!

So the data is in URL Format which I am putting on the http://bulkImagecompressor.com website and the problem is that website only accept 50 Images at once but I have like total 6000 something URLs.
So it would be a great help if you can tell me what to do

You mean 50 images each time? move/copy first 50 images to a different folder and compress, delete the folder you created and move 50 images again.

Let me know If I misunderstood your problem.


Oh, Okay. I’ll give it a try. Can you tell me can we do bulk upload by uipath if we want to upload each images on a website later.

it looks like you want to segment the datatable to splits with 50 rows.

have a look here for segmenting a datatable: