PERSONAL.XLSB -- does not close after macro called

I have successfully called a macro that resides within my PERSONAL.XLSB (other posts in the forum are helpful in getting that to work). After the call (from within an Excel Application Scope of another workbook) and the end of the workflow, I notice that the “hidden” workbook for PERSONAL.XLSB stays open in Excel–i.e. there is an empty Excel window left open on my desktop.

I have found two workarounds. 1) At the beginning of the workflow, do an Excel Application Scope to open and capture a Workbook Application variable for PERSONAL.XLSB. When that Excel Application Scope ends, PERSONAL.XLSB does auto-close. Then I do the rest of my workflow, call PERSONAL.XLSB’s macro, and a Close Workbook on the variable I captured at the beginning. OR 2) Do a Close Window ‘EXCEL.EXE Excel’ to force the PERSONAL.XLSB to close.

So questions are:

  1. Should PERSONAL.XLSB stay open after it’s called in a workflow?
  2. Which “close” method is preferred?