Personal assistant BOT


What is the use case

To use UIpath as a personal assistant BOT in our daily routine activities. The BOT will know the daily schedule and will work accordingly.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

Solution is

*Booking the cab to office and home
*Ordering the lunch from favorite restaurants
*Booking any meeting room
*Reminding for meetings and deliverables
*sending bday wishes to friends
*Daily weather updates
*Payment of phone bill etc.

Scope: ______________

  • Reusable Component
  • Template
  • Automation Framework



This what human has to say : :smile:
" Google Assistant making calls pretending to be human not only without disclosing that it’s a bot, but adding “ummm” and “aaah” to deceive the human on the other end with the room cheering it… horrifying. Silicon Valley is ethically lost, rudderless and has not learned a thing."