i just gone through the website which is saying on its first title page “Hello, we’re UiPath. We make robots so people don’t have to be robots”.
it’s quite not clear to mean because don’t you think Robot are the killer to human labour?

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Hi @josafmac,

We use robots to make humans better at their work. With RPA, organizations can focus on people’s development, humans can spend more time on value adding tasks, even achieve a work-life balance.

Organizations can utilize RPA to put their people first.


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Hi @josafmac

Welcome to the community!!! :smiley:

You have a really good question… but for this point, I will not agree :slight_smile:

There are several reasons for me to say this… it’s like this…
see… think of the tasks that are done on a daily basis by humans on their job roles. Most of them, focus on routine, repetitive tasks that involve whole load of data right?

For example, reading received invoices one by one, and entering the data in the invoices into a SAP system, sending out emails regarding issues and concerns, reaching out to vendors and customers on their deliveries… etc…

Average person spends most of their hours of the working time to complete these stuff. Actually, the potential of a person’s capabilities are much greater than that don’t you think? Well… do you really like doing these stuff every day, every hour? Well, I used to do such stuff long back… it was so boring and I hated that role.

In an organization, there are lot more things to do to improve our skills and help the organization grow with our capabilities. But, people really cannot focus on these stuff, because they are all stuck every day with this routine tasks.

We all have to agree, that people should not be stuck at these boring mundane tasks, and people should improve their skills over the time. With the current trend in the world, there is a huge skill gap between the skills organizations expect to have in their employees and the skills people actually have. Why? because people don’t have time to up skill themselves to suit the current industry trends. The reason? because they are stuck all day doing the repetitive manual work.

People should be more creative, innovative and more involved on more decision making stuff to make things change and make things improve to stay ahead on the line to be successful as a person and as an organization overall. To do that, they have to be involved on those stuff while upskilling their capabilities… Well… a robot cannot do that for you, so it is you who need to do it. :slight_smile:

So, why not have a robot, to work on those crazy boring activities that people spend so many hours on a daily basis like zombies looking at the computer all day. I agree, that person will be so free when the robot takes over the task they do… but now they have all the time they need to focus on other areas. A person can focus on their dream role and try up skilling themselves, go and talk with the management and try getting into a management role to manage and do decision making stuff… Try changing things that are not efficient and make things work in a much better way…

See, for example, one girl in our company in the HR division, she was so busy every day working on some manual stuff that involves so much of data and lot of regularization. Those days, she even didn’t have time for a small friendly chat… So, we decided and introduced a bot for her… Now, the bot does that task she was doing every day for hours in just few minutes. See how much time she has saved? and she is free to do everything else. Now, what has happened is, she is enjoying her work, and she is doing so many other things that improve the processes of the HR division, and also in the company, and even helping other people to improve their work lives. is’t that amazing? and isn’t that what should happen? :slight_smile:

From the organization point of view, tasks are done super quickly and with a good rate of accuracy. And resources are free to do more important stuff than that. Why need to fire that person when they have lot of other work to do? and people will learn quickly and adopt to that new life…

So, with the automation first concept, they put in robots to do the tasks people used to do, and help people focus on interesting work :slight_smile:


This is quite thorough @Lahiru.Fernando.

We use the automation fist concept to put people first :grinning:
The center/core of automation will always be ‘people’.



Nice point :slight_smile:

To make the life of the “people” better, and to bring the better version of them, the automation should come in first to help them to release their work to the bots so that can focus on their skills and more important stuff, so that “people really don’t need to be the robot” :zombie: :computer:

Not only that, automation first approach will empower the future by creating millions of new job opportunities in the coming years thanks to the robots. Additionally, automation is what brings the competitive advantage for the organizations over the other competitors as it helps to achieve strategic goals with ease…

so, sometimes you may have 10 people working on a task, and that task can be taken over by just 3 robots giving the chance for the 10 people to gain their potential in the untapped capabilities that lies within them. No organization will fire them if they show their true potential in the areas that they like the most… Also, the final goals of the automation first concept, is to bring in the employee driven automation where automation goes hand in hand with each employee…

So, after all, automation first is what powers ‘people first’ as it is what helps to bring in the true potential of a person out by getting rid of the boring work. The organization should manage that disruption in a way that it does not affect the people in negative ways…

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