Permission to see and execute a robot

Hello all

I have a question about permission on a robot

I have studio installed on my pc

I created an attended robot and published in orchestrator

Now i would like to know if it possibile to share this robot inside my organization to a colleague in order to allow colleague to execute robot by yourself on its pc.

Is it possible?
How can i achive this?

My colleague has a username and email inside my organization

The idea is to have a lot of robots that i will deploy and publish to orchestrator and i would like the have the chance to give the permission to userA to execure robot1 and robot2, userB to execute Robot2 and userC to execute Robot1

I’d like to reach this goal without installing UiPath studio to all users but maybe only assistant

How can reach this goal?
Which software do i need?
Where can i setup the permission?
Is the permission linked to machine name of the colleague or linked to username of the colleague?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Luca09

you just need to invit they to your organization and assign the permissions, refer from here


Hi @Luca09

Simply go to the manage access there you can add the users or groups and go to the automations tab at that time you have to allocate the robot to that particular user or users.
once the provisioning done they can run that process within your organisation.


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