Permission to Read File from a shares folder


I had a to read write into a shared folder.

what type of permission i must have to do that, is by granting the access to this folder using my orchestrator login/pwd ?

I had an on premise version of orcherator.

i had sored the absolute path of the shared folder in an asset

The Windows/AD account that the Robot uses needs permissions to the folder.

Check this article Setting up the Shared Network Folder

Since only the user may have access to files on the shared folder, the Robot Service, which runs under the local system, may not have sufficient privileges to read the shared network folder files.


Access rights need to be granted to your machine, as follows:

  1. Right-click the shared folder which contains the target project, and select Properties.
  2. In the Security tab, click the Edit button from the Group or user names section. The Permissions window is displayed.
  3. Click the Add button. The Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups window is displayed.
  4. Click the Object Types button, make sure only the Computers option is selected, and then click OK.
  5. In the Enter the object names to select section, write your computer name. Click the Check Names button to validate your selection.
  6. Click OK to confirm the changes.

If the project is located on a mapped network drive, you need to perform the steps described on this page after the ones above.

Also, keep in mind this information:

The background processes are running on session 0. So it cannot make use of Microsoft applications such as Excel which run on the user session. Even though you can read excel with classic or modern activities, its stability is not guaranteed and it may not function well in the future. Please use the foreground process if you need to interact with on-premise Microsoft applications.

Let us know if this helped.

It’s the Windows/AD account the Robot uses that is the issue, not the service account.