Permission Launcher error

Hi All,

  1. I am working with remote desktop connection(RDC) , i installed UiRobot in RDC Machine.

  2. The workflow is done in regular machine using uipath studio,and is published using uipath studio,the same published version ex:1234.nupkg , is pasted in RDC machine . which has no uipath studio installed , only UiRobot is installed in RDC machine.

  3. when i tried to run that 123.nupkg published version in RDC machine i am getting an error of Permission launcher.
    Please help me in solving this issue.

Thanks & Regards
vinod sagar

May be this link will help you.

Hi @vinod_sagar,
Please open the robot in RunAsAdministrator. Still have the problem . better to uninstall and install it again.


@balupad14 tied reinstalling, didn’t work …
@SreeLatha it didnt help me…still facing the same
thank you …