Permanent Activities Root Category

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Does anyone know how to set library Activities Root Category permanently ?
Currently, in the Publish Library Form there is a field for the root category

But the textbox is always empty on open (even though I’ve already specified this value during previous publishes)

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Hi @Filip_C

I suppose the field is not permanent yet, duo to it being project specific.
Are you maybe using the latest community edition 2019.7? You could then submit an idea for improvement directly from Studio :slight_smile:
See here:

Hi @loginerror,

Actually I’m using 19.7 and its kind of solved there! which is absolutely fantastic.
The only thing I’ve noticed is that its user specific now (when I delete .local folder, the Root Directory is gone as well)
Would be great to have it in project.json just to make sure all the users accessing the project (e.g. from git) are on the same page and deploy to the same root directory (unless they want otherwise)

Anyway … its ok the way it is now :smiley:

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